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Purchase a seating zone exclusively for you and your party.
Visa and MasterCard accepted.
Ticket purchase is required for all persons, including infants.
We sail between May and mid-October.
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(Children under 10 years old not permitted on Sunset Sails.)
Day Sailing Adventures Every Day, Romantic Cruises Every Evening!
2-Hour Trips: Morning Sail 9:30am
Noon Sail 12:00pm
Afternoon Sail 3:00pm (½ hour earlier in October)
**Sunset Sail 6:00pm (½ hour earlier after Labor Day, 1 hour earlier in Oct.)
**Children under 10 years old not permitted on Sunset Sails
Purchase a seating zone that accommodates 1, 2, or 3 people. This zone will be exclusively for you and your party.
Morning Sail (weekday) $65 $130 $195
Morning Sail (weekend) $75 $150 $225
Noon Sail (Low season* weekday) $65 $130 $195
Noon Sail (weekend & all-week High season*) $75 $150 $225
Afternoon Sail $75 $150 $225
Sunset Sail $75 $150 $225
*High Season: July 1st through Labor Day
Argia Mystic Cruises Steamboat Wharf, Mystic, Connecticut 06355 860-536-0416